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How we are different

Ball Park Waiter is more than a mobile App for ordering food & beverages.

We are responsible for hiring, training and paying the necessary staff to provide in-seat delivery to all seats in the stadium. Our vision is to provide club level service to the entire venue. Sure, we have a mobile app for ordering and paying (everyone does), but we are the only company willing to take the next step and handle all the fulfillment and delivery.


Being able to increase your per person sales without taking any risk!

Now you can

If you were to take on this project you'd have to hire and pay additional staff. Plus, you'd be responsible for all the customer service and the fan's experience - good or bad.

We eliminate that risk by providing staff and customer service. By partnering with us we take on the risk, you increase your per person sales, and fan's never have to miss the game. It's a win/win situation for everyone.


Something that always looks bigger going than coming.


Jeremy Callahan

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Skip the long lines for food & drinks with our express delivery to your seat.

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